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Stitch holding cords are just what they sound like - a tool for knitter's to put live stitches on hold!  Use the long one to put body stitches on hold while you try it on and use the shorter ones to hold your sleeve stitches.  Or use them to put the whole project on hold if you need the needles for another project!

How to use:  Just press the hollow cord firmly onto the needle tip and slide your stitches onto the cord.  Tie the cord ends loosely together until your ready to knit again, then press the cord back onto your needle and slide those stitches right back on!

Set of three silicone cords in fun neon colors. Includes aluminum storage tin (has extra room for yarn needle, stitch markers, etc.)

  • One 60" (152 cm) cord
  • Two 30" (76 cm) cords

*Please note:  Cords fit needles (approx.) US 1.5 (2.5mm) to US 15 (10mm) depending on the sharpness of the tip