Hey hi! It’s me Tammy, I’m so honoured that you’re here with me..thank you!

What can I say (I either say everything or nothing at all haha;) – I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter and more…but most importantly, I’m me. Serious and silly all at the same time. I love authentic people, good communication, learning every day and seeing others succeed.   I believe there is room in this world for EVERYONE to shine. It’s my goal every day to be the kind of person who does what she says she’s gonna do.

I’m a lefty (just livin’ in a right handed world;) and when I was little my gramma tried to teach me to knit but I just couldn’t translate learning left from a right hander I guess. Fast forward a bunch of years, I was looking for a way to naturally soothe symptoms of late diagnosis ADHD (particularly in our long Canadian winters) and I imagined that knitting might help. I went ahead and taught myself to knit right handed and haven’t stopped since. Knitting has been a game changer- tactile, calming and meditative it’s like a grounding tool for me.

Now you’ll find me casting on year round- at home, at the lake, in the car, outside, inside..wherever I’m inspired. Southpaw Woolery & Supply was born out of a need to find stillness in a fast world and it’s my mission to share this art with you in the way of sustainably made hand knit pieces for you to adventure in or with my favorite high quality tools and fibres to create your own with.